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Where’s Waldo you ask? More like where are my goals and motivation?

I tried, I tried, I tried, I really tried. Mustering up the motivation to work out without a personal trainer proved more difficult that I could ever imagine. September 29th I decided to meet with a personal trainer to really decide if having a trainer was necessary or if trainers are glorified coaches? The answer … Continue reading

Recognizing My Excuse Addiction & The Myth Of “Motivation”

Recognizing My Excuse Addiction & The Myth Of “Motivation”

#MondayMotivation #BeastMode #MoneyIsTheMotive etc., etc., I’ve seen these hashtags littered on Twitter and unfortunately on Facebook as well (pre hash-tag capability even now I’m still skeptical). I’m sure many of us have, usually coming from the same people who discuss things like ‘gym flow’ and ‘rising and grinding’ while I might have found them to … Continue reading