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Where’s Waldo you ask? More like where are my goals and motivation?

I tried, I tried, I tried, I really tried. Mustering up the motivation to work out without a personal trainer proved more difficult that I could ever imagine. September 29th I decided to meet with a personal trainer to really decide if having a trainer was necessary or if trainers are glorified coaches? The answer to that question varies from person to person, for me, at this stage a trainer is needed. He pushed me beyond my comfort zone and I was not happy at all. Working out without the assistance of a personal trainer, I stop when I feel the burn. I hate the aches and the soreness, so to avoid that I stay within my comfort zone. He advised- no he outright told me I’m eating too much.

 Trainer: “What’s a typical lunch for you”? Me: Well, I’ll have 6 pieces of chicken wings, a salad with lettuce, spinach, onions, olives, bananas peppers, 4 strawberries, raisins, mushrooms, and carrots”. Trainer, “is that it”? Me, well I have 2 cups of water, a yogurt and a piece of fruit”. Looking back on that discussion, he was absolutely right. I was eating too much, even though the food was health food it was too much. Ever hear of the saying, too much of a good thing? It applies here. Staying in my comfort zone aka taking it easy and eating large amounts of food equals weight gain plain and simple. I learned a lot within that 45-minute session. Eat smaller portions, work harder with the proper movements and STAY CONSISTENT. I can’t stress this enough. Not only will your muscles ache because of the on and off again workout but you’ll never see the final results.

Affording a personal trainer is another thing. A sista is balling on a budget lol and currently, I can’t afford a trainer. So I’m sticking to my current savings plan, purchase what’s necessary and affordable. I found other options like online trainers, some of their programs are between $10 and $75 for an eight-week program that offers online coaching, videos, meal plans and sometimes cash prizes for reaching your goals.  I’m saving and paying off bills and right now a personal trainer is not in my budget. So what do I do? I asked myself

1.       Do I really want this?

2.       Am I willing to make the necessary changes to reach my goals

3.       Do I have an accountability buddy? For those of you reading this you have me.

4.       Do I understand, if I fall off it’s okay to pick myself up? This is so important because we will not succeed the first few times. If you do give me your number, we need to talk. Lol

5.       Am I Ready?

 This is going to be difficult but well worth it. My savings account: Bigger. My booty: Rounder. My stomach: Flatter. Me: Happier. I’m posting my before picture on my Facebook page so you can see my journey over there. No surgery, real results.  Feel free to share you journey with me as well. Remember thin waist deep pockets. See you soon.


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