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Decisions: To be the gym beast or not to be.

Today I got my feelings

I’m finishing up my early morning shift and in walks the nutritionist. Who’s ready for their weekly weigh in? she said. Me being the gym beast that I thought I was I kind of slid to the front like, yeah I got this, the-jeffersons-o hit the gym hard all this month, I got this. So I strut to the front of the like I knew good news coming. I stepped on the scale with all the confidence in the world. Boom! My reading. I was a little shocked at the results. I did a double take and cleared my eyes. I thought to myself, I was working out hard and eating right, granted, I had an occasional slip up but nothing that should make the scale jump that high in a month’s time. I was really shocked and in complete disbelief. I really couldn’t figure out what or where I went wrong. I danced around the idea of hiring a personal but the way my account is set up that’s not going to happen. I’m making sure I live within my means, so at this point I’m trying to decide if hiring a personal trainer is an investment or a waste of time? Tellme what you think. I’ll post my findings soon.




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