Fixing what was broken.

I’m baackk and I’m not too sure I’m proud about that statement. I shouldn’t have left. This project was supposed to be our baby and we abandoned her.  This site was created about three years ago with the hope of inspiring others, as well as ourselves, to become our best version of “fit”, financially stable, get a few tips on savings and to have a platform to vent if needed. Well, needless to say, we hit our goals, (well she did at least) we were living well and I slowly drifted into my old habits of eating what I want and like an idiot, I took bad business advice from someone who was in the same boat as I was. Foolish right. A s a result my credit took a hit. Many hits. My credit is so bad if I had to use a picture to describe my credit it would look like this. No lie. tommy-hit-man

So what did I do about it? I felt sorry for myself all of five minutes and decided to do something about it. I decided to go to a place that made me happy, a place that made me feel good. Here. This time I’m sticking to it, I realize there is no quick fix solution. This is something I must and will continue to evolve with. There’s so much information about finances and health and information is constantly changing. One day we can eat bread and the next month bread is the devil’s love child.

So, if you’re claiming 2017 and beyond as your year (Girl this is my year!) please follow my page comment, share and enjoy.  I’m willing to share my information and my journey as I better myself. I know this journey will be a difficult one but the results are worth the fight.

Remember summer bodies are made in the winter.

Feel like a boss when applying for credit.

Truly yours, Fundsandfitness


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