Recognizing My Excuse Addiction & The Myth Of “Motivation”

#MondayMotivation #BeastMode #MoneyIsTheMotive etc., etc.,

I’ve seen these hashtags littered on Twitter and unfortunately on Facebook as well (pre hash-tag capability even now I’m still skeptical). I’m sure many of us have, usually coming from the same people who discuss things like ‘gym flow’ and ‘rising and grinding’ while I might have found them to be  corny pick-me-ups and would mutter under my breath (you still risin and grindin hunh?) , I then thought these were just methods employed by people for means of self-motivation. Yes annoying, but I figured they must be effective since these people tweet/post this @ the same time EVERYDAY! I too have employed tactics of the cult of motivation in a way, my Pinterest boards are filled with pictures of fit women, doing the bendy runny things fit women do, wearing fit women clothing. sometimes accompanied with inspirational quips like ‘If You Never Quit, You Won’t Have To Restart” while I shook my head in agreement probably eating some type of pastry or snack food saying ‘ Yasssss, Girl you are so inspirational”.  


I picked these pictures because when I look at them I say ‘Hey! That woman is inspiring, perhaps looking at this picture of  her once a month will motivate me to possibly dedicate myself to doing whatever it is she’s done to look like that!” This moment, as I read the aforementioned monologue , I realize how illogical this sounds. I guess I was depending on some type of chick-filled competitiveness to kick in after looking at these chiseled bodies, that would  physically lift my butt up every morning so I can look like that lady on my fitspiration board. Oddly enough it hasn’t worked. This whole realization in the flaw of depending on external motivation is sparked by reading the post Is The Idea Of Motivation Merely A Myth?  I read on the fitness blog blackgirlsguidetoweightloss.com . In this post author and owner Erika elaborates on how she had become adept at making excuses for putting her health on the back burner, waiting for her muse and inspiration, and it wasn’t until she spoke with a gym owner she realized that her waiting on an ‘epiphany’ was her way of avoiding having to hold herself responsible for taking command of the change she wanted to see in her own life.

While I doubt I’ll be having any convos with a gym owner, her post definitely served as the caveat to my moment of clarity. My lack of discipline is not from lack of motivation, its a result of my excuse addiction.  Take for instance, our 60 Day challenge, have I did a single exercise from it this week? Nope. Why? I’m cramping..I think. Other finely crafted excuses include, “My son is visiting his Granny this week, I can just relax, and enjoy my mini vacation”, “I have a lot on my mind and I can’t focus on working out”, “It’s hot tho”, “I can tell I’ve been losing weight anyway, look at how loose my shorts are”.”I haven’t ate yet, I need some pre-workout protein”  “well now I have to wait till my protein pre-workout meal settles in muh stomach”..”Damn it’s the afternoon now I have errands to do” ..”I have to finish some work first I’ll do it this evening”..”I’m tired, I’ll just catch up in the morning”. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.  I mean I am a MASTER at this ain’t I? Clock the technique dahling, I’m slaying these excuses with flawless execution.

Hi, my name is Danielle and I am an excuse addict. After reading Erika’s post, and mulling over the notion of the myth of motivation or rather how I’ve manipulated motivation as another crutch enabling my behavior, I thought to myself. “Doing beneficial things to improve my quality of life is MY JOB” in fact aside from being a mother it is one of the most important jobs I never realized I had.  I should be working so much harder for myself. As an amateur and aspiring artist/writer on the side, utilizing inspiration is common place, but even in those arena’s waiting for your muse, or some spark to incite a writing riot, halts production. I think I read a quote somewhere (probably Pinterest) that went along the lines of

‘If You’re Waiting To Be Inspired, Get Comfortable Waiting”.

Much like there are days where I don’t feel like writing or the things I write all suck, or if I cannot draw or paint or create anything worth showing, there are sure as hell days that I don’t feel like strapping on those sneakers and running or exercising. Hell I’ve been adult for arguably 10 years, you’d think I’d get that if this grown up life consists of nothing it consists of doing things you don’t always necessarily feel like doing, and when you don’t? There are undesirable results. Once again for all my “complex” inner preponderances, it’s the simple things that always manage to eluded me.



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