Q&A. Making the right moves. Saving and fitness tips.

This weekend I had to defend the whole reason I push the concept of Funds&Fitness.

I was bombarded by questions that I thought I already discussed, like how do I find the time to save money and why do I think it’s important to be fit? Most importantly, is it even possible to obtain the two when the economy forces people to work two jobs to secure the necessities?

My answers were:

Everything that I do is with the thought of how can and am I saving money. When I purchase clothes for my family (kids, my husband and myself), I never buy the item(s) the same day that the clothes were released. In two weeks, the item(s) are on sale, the longer you wait the cheaper it becomes. Clothing stores have to rotate their products just as a grocery store does. So the longer you wait, the cheaper the item becomes.

When purchasing food, I noticed that almost ALL grocery store charge regular price for their product around the 1st and the 15th of the month. (Now, I’m speculating on that reason because I don’t have solid proof and I don’t want anyone suing me for my few coins) For the most part, I do lots of grocery shopping towards the end of the month. Combined with coupon clipping I easily save $200.00 on groceries.



Being health and fit is a lifestyle I want my children to follow and I want to live long enough to watch them become healthy adults. Nowadays, especially in the urban communities, this whole phase of being thick is in. Everyone wants part of it, so we’re not watching the way we eat and what we eat, which is leading to the diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems and ultimately, the sloppy bodies. As stated in our earlier post about Anowa Adjah, her body is BANGING she’s 200lbs but this woman has a beautiful curvaceous body. So, being fit won’t cause you to lose that womanly wow. You become a healthier you with more energy and better skin (just to name a few of the benefits)

apower   http://anowaadjah.com/


It’s possible to obtain the two, it will take a little effort on your time but it’s well worth it. If you’re a beginner, start by working out with your family or doing cardio during the commercial break. Planed shopping takes time and I get it, you want to have the freedom of buying whatever you like whenever you like. If you want to live by that rule, you’re surely goanna need some money in the bank. So start saving now, to spend later.


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